Fowler at St. Johns – – Softball Doubleheader – – Second Game – – The Bleacher Denizen – – April 19, 2023 – – by Chuck Krafft

Your Bleacher Denizen is attending a doubleheader at St. Johns; the Redwings are hosting the Fowler Eagles. It’s quite cold for softball, but the players have been giving it their all. Here is a play by play of Game 1!

I was able to grab a bratwurst at the concession stand. While we wait for Game 2 to begin, let’s listen to this Western Classic from my You Tube Channel. For those of you who wish to see what a yodeling Bleacher Denizen sounds like, here is your opportunity!!

Here are the starting lineups for the second game. St. Johns will bat first in the second game.


Kendall White 2b

Rylee Hall 3b

Madison Helms dp

Kaidyn Foerster lf

Karissa Greider c

Abby Tisdale p

Bella Sharick 1b

Laila Wright ss

Lydia Finn will play center field, but not bat.


Avery Koenigsknecht c

Grace Piggott 3b

Saige Miller ss

Paisley Hansen 1b

Bri Halfmann dp

Addison Spicer rf

Chloe Feldpausch cf

Emma Smith lf

Makenna Smith 2b

Selena Stump will be the starting Fowler pitcher for the first time in her career, but will not bat.

Selena Stump got her starting pitching debut off to a great start when she retired the Redwing first inning hitters on a strikeout, a grounder to second base and a squib to the pitcher.

Avery Koenigsknecht singled up the middle to open the top of the first inning for the Eagles. St. Johns Catcher Karissa Greider fired the ball to second base to catch the runner stealing. Redwing Pitcher Abby Tisdale retired the next batter on a fly to center field. Saige Miller walked. Abby Tisdale struck out the next batter to end the inning.

In the top of the second inning, Selena Stump retired the three Redwing hitters on a grounder to the pitcher, a strikeout and a popup where Shortstop Saige Miller made a spectacular catch running back into left field facing away from home plate.

Abby Tisdale struck out the Fowler leadoff batter in the bottom of the second inning. Addison Spicer was safe at first base on an error and advanced to second base on a groundout to third by Chloe Feldpausch. Emma Smith singled to center field and Addison Spicer took third base. Abby Tisdale struck out the next Eagle batter to end the inning while holding Fowler scoreless.

After two innings, this game was tied at 0-0.

Selena Stump retired the three Redwing third inning batters on a strikeout and two grounders to the pitcher.

Avery Koenigsknecht was safe at second base on an error to open the bottom of the third inning for Fowler. Avery Koenigsknecht stole third base and scored when an error was made on the play. Grace Piggott walked and stole second base. The next Eagle hitter was out on a line drive to left field. Abby Tisdale struck out the next batter as Grace Piggott stole third base. Bri Halfmann was hit by a pitch and stole second base. Abby Tisdale retired the next batter on a fly to center field (with runners at second and third base) to end the inning.

Fowler scored one run in the bottom of the third inning to take a 1-0 lead.

Selena Stump retired the Redwing leadoff batter in the top of the fourth inning on a squib to the catcher. Rylee Hall lined a single to center field to give St. Johns its first base runner of the game. Madison Helms was safe at first base on a fielder’s choice when Selena Stump knocked down a line drive up the middle and threw to second base to force the runner.

The umpire saw some lightning and the game had to take a mandated thirty minute shutdown. As it was almost dark, they decided to call the game off. As five innings had not been completed, this was not an official game.

However, it was a great first pitching start for Selena Stump and I congratulate her on a great performance!

Rylee Hall had a single for St. Johns.

Abby Tisdale pitched the entire three innings for St. Johns and gave up only one unearned run and two hits. She struck out four batters.

Avery Koenigsknecht and Emma Smith each had a single for Fowler. Avery Koenigsknecht scored the game’s only run as well.

Selena Stump was masterful in the pitcher’s circle as she allowed only one base runner (and no runs) in three and two thirds innings while striking out three Redwing hitters.

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